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Ripley Valley State Secondary College use an online ordering and Cashless Purchasing system. This service called My Student Account (MSA). The service enables secure cashless purchases at the schools tuckshop.

Through MSA web portal, parents will be able to monitor purchases, set spending limits, limit specific items from sale, set relevant allergy alerts, set low balance notifications and top up the balance on the student account.

Use of the service will provide School students with a safe and secure introduction to online banking, account management and budgeting using today's latest technology.

Photo identification at Point of Sale and other security procedures enable the safe use of the cashless system. Students use their existing School ID Card to access the funds instead of using cash at the school canteen.

Setting Up Your My Student Account Cashless Service

Follow this Parent Portal - Manual.pdf to assist you in setting up your Parent Profile and adding your student(s). To set up your child/s student online accounts, you will need your child's student number, which is on their student card under the barcode. If your child does not have a student card, and you are unable to locate their student number please email so we can send this through to you.

There are two methods of payment; Credit Card through the Web Portal and Bpay through your personal Internet Banking.

Please note:

Credit Card payments will credit your child account instantly but BPay transactions through your personal internet banking will take up to 3 working days to be credited to your child MSA account.

Should you have any queries about the new My Student Account system, please contact: My Student Account on ph. 1300 369 783  e.

Or IT on 3819 5333 or email: tech@ripley​


1. What is my Child's student number?

This number can be found on their student ID under the barcode. If you do not have their student ID you can email and we will send this through to you. 

2. What if I am running late, and do not have time to top up their online account for lunch? 

That is okay! You can give them cash to use, and they can take this to STUDENT SERVICES before school to recharge their card to use in the tuckshop.

3. My child has lost their student card?

If you child has lost their student card they can come and see Mrs Waugh for a temporary card, while we order them a new student card. New Student Cards are $10 and will be invoiced to you. Alternatively, students can also take their student diary's to the tuckshop.


We are pleased to offer our catering services to our school community.

We can provide platters of fabulous food for your event, from small mothers groups to larger working lunches during school hours.

Morning teas, lunches, afternoon teas, sweet, savoury, hot and cold. We can accommodate all dietary requirements too.

Check out our menu or email Claire at for more information.

Unfortunately delivery is unavailable; pick up is from school canteen.

Catering Menu.pdf

Orientation Day 2020

Our tuckshop will be open for our new year 7 students visiting RVSSC for Orientation day on Friday 4 December 2020. 

We will be operating CASH ONLY on this day for our new students. Menu Guide can be found below (please note Menu may change slightly)


Please note:  Orientation students will be accessing the tuckshop at different times to other students. All other RVSSC students are to pay via MSA card as per normal process. Thank you.

Last reviewed 10 June 2022
Last updated 10 June 2022