Guidance Officer



Guidance Officers are experienced teachers who have unique expertise to work in schools and help all students in the areas of academic achievement, social, personal and career development.  

 The Guidance Officer provides a confidential service for personal counselling, case management, psychoeducational assessment, career guidance and support programs. This support focuses mainly on students; however, the Guidance Officer is able to advise families and staff on accessing external services.

Some examples of support on offer includes:

Personal Counselling

  • ​​​Issues could include but are not limited to: Emotional problems; family ​conflict; grief; stress management; self-concept / self-esteem; depression; anxiety; discrimination /harassment; conflict resolution and mediation; behaviour modification and anger management; abuse and trauma; and improving communication.​

Case Management and Advocacy

  • Assisting with identification of Gifted and Talented students
  • Writing Personalised Learning Plans for students experiencing mental health difficulties which could potentially impact on their education
  • Assistance and advice around Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments in Year 10 and beyond
  • Supporting students through part time educational programs/ flexible arrangements.
  • Referral of students to external agencies if necessary.  Examples include headspace, CYMHS (for acute mental health cases only); and Family and Child Connect referrals
  • Referrals for alternate schools such as Mastery, Flexi schools, Arethusa
  • Advice around distance education under the medical category. 

Psychoeducational Assessment

  • Psychometric assessments (testing is prioritised on level of need)
  • Liaising with private specialists
  • Conducting classroom observations

Career Guidance & Counselling

  • Helping students to identify / clarify personal, educational and career goals.
  • Supporting students in subject selection; employment/ tertiary aspirations; SETplan interviews and QTAC preparation.

Due to an increased demand of the Guidance Services, bookings are essential. 

The Guidance Officer is located in the Student Services building building and is available on Monday to Friday.

Appointments can be made in person at the front desk of the Student Services Building or through email.  

Janet Ingram

(07) 3819 5333

Mental Health resources for young people:

Provides 6 free psychology sessions under a mental health care plan for young people aged 12 to 24. 


Kidshelpline provides free telephone counselling for children and teenagers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Beyond Blue is a website with checklists and information on managing mental health. 

​Helping parents and families


Family Matters by Mercy

Family Matters is available to children and young people (along with their families and carers).  Free counselling is available.

  • aged between 0-18 years, who are at risk of developing, or showing early signs of, mental illness
  • where there is at least one adult family member/carer willing to work with the child or young person and the service
  • who live in the Greater Ipswich area
  • who are not under shared or total care of the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

 familyandchildconnect.png  1300 30 1300

Family Counselling:

The Spring Hill Branch provides family counselling for a fee.  1300 364 277 


Alternate Schools   Springfield Forest Lake  Ipswich and Inala ​

Last reviewed 28 January 2022
Last updated 28 January 2022